Sugar Bear is acting like a puppy now! Our two dogs are playing and happy together now. Also our horse Carob is picking up his feet easily for me now to hoof pick him. I think its cool how Lisa makes her horses smile and we have taught our horse too!

Harmony Grace Dyer, age 9

Sugar Bear, our dog is all lovey now, she used to hide under the bed all the time, now she always wants to be around us. Carob, our horse, is a lot happier! For over a year we had a hard time working him in the round pen. After our first lesson with Lisa we learned a lot and we work together much better. The things I learned in the first two lessons with Lisa has helped me and made more sense to me than things I have learned in the last two years of lessons with other teachers. Using her techniques makes it easier to ride!

Wynter Sage Dyer, age 12

It is with a grateful heart that I write this testimonial! Words can not express the blessing it has been working with Lisa Kent. I will do my best to articulate our experience. Our horse, Carob, had begun light bucking when my daughter would ride. He was showing signs of pain in his rear near his hips and even a slight limp in his hind end. He had excessive urination for the entire time we have had him, slightly over a year. The conventional veterinarian said it is normal, some horses just urinate a lot. We expressed our situation and Lisa came to see him and completed a nutritional mapping on him indicating his kidneys were stressed causing the pain. We followed her recipe for health and saw immediate improvements. He went from using three loads of shaving daily to replace stall waste to one load every three days. Also we have had a challenge to keep weight on him, when we welcomed him into our family he was quite emaciated. After just a few days on the grain Lisa recommended for him, he began to develop muscles we had not seen before and his ribs were filling in nicely. A complete and total transformation following the recommendations that were specific to him! We also began training with Lisa, after the first lesson, there was dramatic improvement, simple and effective strategy! My daughter expressed after her first lesson with Lisa, “Why doesn’t everyone train horses like Lisa, it’s so easy and works so good!” Out of the mouths of babes! Yes, our training with Lisa has been incredible. Her tools are invaluable and the progress we have made in just a couple weeks far exceeds the last couple of years of training my daughter has received.

Based on the positive results with Carob, I was immediately inspired to do a nutritional mapping for myself. I have struggled with personal health issues greatly for the last 5 years. I had been following alternative medicine, working with a naturopathic doctor, an acupuncture physician, a neuromuscular therapist and eating organic whole foods for the last 3 years. I have had success maintaining the current level of my health without progression of disease or healing of symptoms. After following Lisa’s recommendations, I felt immediate improvement and healing, an increase of vitality and energy. I lost weight as a result too, losing four sizes in three weeks. I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Lisa and know I am on the track to complete wellness.

Also my fourteen and a half year old dog, Sugar Bear, was showing signs of aging, loss in muscle tone in hind end, resulting in one hind leg shaking uncontrollably and giving out when she was walking. She also was quite unsocial and would hide under the bed and barely come out for food. Often she would negatively react when our younger dog would try to play and it would quickly turn into an aggressive combat. Once, even our cat jumped in the fight, looking like the old cartoons where the fighting animals looked like dusty tumbleweeds. I use humor but there was nothing funny about the atrocity. We did nutritional mapping on Sugar Bear and have had beautiful results! She is social, always in common areas of our home, has a great appetite, has improved her flexibility and does not shake or give out in her hind end any longer. She is also laying in bed next to our other dog now, this has never been previously.

My husband has completed the nutritional mapping and emotion code with Lisa. This has transformed the way we connect. He has a new ability to be open to communication in a way we have not experienced in the last sixteen and a half years of being in relationship together. Also the emotion code indicated that Michael had inherited emotions and a kidney connection. When Michael went to his neuromuscular therapist, which he has gone to monthly for the last three years, she confirmed the release in the kidneys. Previously she would indicate inflammation and spend a great deal of time using energy work on the kidneys. It was not necessary in the appointment after the benefit of the emotion code as Lisa cleared this for Michael. Additionally, he has a family history of kidney disease with his Aunt and Uncle having their lives end prematurely in their mid fifties. What a blessing for him to release that connection. I am excited to do nutritional mapping on my children next.

I am forever grateful for Lisa’s contribution to the health of my family! Trust me, as we have experienced, following Lisa’s recommendations works very effectively and to the point for healing and transformation.

I too thank God for our angel horse, Carob, bringing you into our lives! We are grateful for you and your work and the blessings. I am a believer, if I wasnt already familiar with energy healing, I would believe the results clearly are a testament to your work! You are incredible, and your tools are amazing, I thank god I know you and that you help me, I see so many horses here in need.

Kind Regards,
Amy Dyer

Having a happy, healthy equine partner and athlete is of utmost importance to me as a rider, trainer and horse owner. My horse Rising Star is 16 years young and has been my partner for 13 years. Because of my work with Lisa over the past year, Rising Star is getting younger, stronger and more supple. After injecting his hocks for an unsound solution, Lisa encouraged me to use her therapy, homeopathy and follow her mapping, plus guided to a better foot balance, and she was so right! When he has any little setback, as all athletes do, Lisa is there to help us through it and get us back on track and good as new. Being a professional athlete, on a tight budget is not always condusive to acheiving high performancve goals in the dressage arena, Lisa's nutritional mapping is extremely accurate and has not only reduced my vet bills but has cut my supplement bills in half! Having Lisa in my corner, I feel confident that Rising Star and I will acheive our goals and succeed in all we set forth to conquer along our journey together as partners learning to dance the dance.

Jan Lamontagne/ USDF Bronze Medalist

As husband to one of your clients - I want to thank you for all your help and support, which you have provided to my wife, her horse and now her dog. There were some tough times, primarily with her horse, but you intuitively guided them through it all; her mantra was and continues to be "I'll give Lisa a call". I have seen the subtle and not so subtle changes in her through the years and you brought on a lot of those changes. I now know! Now I have jumped on the bandwagon. Having been recently "Mapped" by you, I am looking forward to healthier tomorrows too! Through your knowledge, wisdom and compassion you have become a true and trusted friend; we are fortunate to have you in our lives!

Joe Flanagan

My Real Event Story, to Save a Life “PANDA” (a 4 yr old miniature Australian Shepard)

A normal Friday morning, I wake to have coffee 7:15 am. Panda greets me just outside my bedroom door. (smiley as Aussie smiles and body wagging).

I let him out doors and 10 minutes later he comes in But, plops beside the bed and begins a clear puke, followed by urination and poop. (All serious signs of the body shutting down) I am a professional holistic practioner and begin to take action with homeopathics and young living oils, but with the immediate signs, know I need western help.

I scoop Panda up and Mark (boy friend and ½ owner), drive him to the near by emergency clinic. 8:00 am at the clinic,in the rush, Mark fills out the paper work and I get the credit card. The secretary says $1000, I say $500, she comes back with $800, I say I guess.

In answering questions, I say poision, Mark thinks different and says plastic blockage. -They want to know what the smell is on the dog , I answer young living oils and the pellets are arnica 200. - The male vet tells Mark, he is concerned with Mercury in the oils. (Vets lack of knowledge of the medically proven oils; and absolutely NO mercury.)

Panda is given a steriod shot(which restarts the brain and takes immediate inflammation down), then given Oxygen. Thankfully he is revived and xrays are taken. No signs of plastic blockage, so treated for poision, fluids, electrolytes(a couple other drugs I am not fond of).

1:00 in the afternoon Mark calls to check on Panda, he is told, Panda is bleeding internally and is not stable. They want to keep him overnight.

I use my TOOL BOX, “Nutritional Mapping”, over the 20yrs as a holistic practioner, this tool is amazing. We can all agree we are individual, as DNA is science. This tool unveils a reciepe for healing ANY individual.

I proceed to the homeopathic store for some supplies I need and arrive at the clinic at 300 pm. I ask to see Panda, I am told a vet tech needs to go in with me. I wait anxiously, knowing time is still of the essence to treat him. I wait five minutes, and go in the the vet tech.

As soon as I see him, my instincts are confirmed,as a professional holistic practioner, I can finish the healing him from here! I proceed giving Panda the homeopathics and the male vet tells me the same information as he said to Mark. Wants to know , what the dogs could have gotten into to have his insides bleed and begin to erode. I said, I have a 2 ½ yr old grandbaby that was up early that morning and could have fed him her organic snacks. (come to find out cashews are toxic to some dogs). I say thankyou, but I need your respect and will be taking the dog home now. He says NO, not wise, he is on fluids that will take three more hours, plus he wants to keep him over night. He is not sure how long to heal his insides and to stop the internal bleeding. I respond I will wait 1 hour for more fluids, NO MORE drugs; then I am taking my dog home thank you.

I wait out in my truck, 15 min pass, I get a call from the male vet asking for Mark. He said that even though he just had me sign release forms to take my dog, I can not take him unless Mark releases him. (He signed the paper work when we arrived at the clinic) I am furious, its my credit card!!! I proceed back into the clinic, get Mark on the phone and tell him I am taking the dog home. Mark is very concerned because the male vet is adimate, the dog is unstable and needs their care or will not survive!

I remind Mark of all the animals I have saved and how I have helped him in time of health crisis and he needs to release the dog or I walk from our relationship! As the original plan , we wait till 4:00 for me to take the dog.

At 3:50 I go in the clinic and say I am taking my dop home please. Four vet techs stand with their arms folded, I face their eyes of discust and bullying that I should not be taking the dog. They say they have not heard from Mark to release the dog. I call Mark ,he releases the dog with fear because the male vet says again, the dog is not stable and may die if you take him home now!

They say they need to remove the cathader, I say fine. As I wait the homeopathic vet there says, “you know they are good homeopathics you are using, but I would be careful with that combination.” I say thankyou, but I have healed many animals, including ones that vets say to put down, because there are no options. I say “How do you know , What you don’t know”! The vet techs say they want to clean his bloody bum up , I say no thankkyou! (at that point I want to treat my dog again with my tools and get him out of this place). They say he can’t walk, I say fine, I will carry him. I proceed home and treat Panda with my tools again in travel.

Mark greets me at the door saying, you know they have called me two more times on the dog being unstable and will not make it with out more of their care, he may need a blood transfusion etc.

I treat Panda that night with my TOOL BOX 1) the nutritional mapping 2)Kangen (special healing water) 3)Equisonic 4) Reike .The next morning 7:00 am, Sat , Panda is 70% improved, Sunday morning 80% and Monday 90%. I call the clinic wanting my paper bill and x-rays. They ask how the dog is, I say beautiful thankyou. They say they cant release the x-rays till they get permission from Mark. Ok, I have the dog in my care and the bill is paid and you still need Mark’s permission. This is crazy! They call Mark and he gives them permission for me to have whatever I want.

4:00 pm Monday, I bring Panda to the clinic so they can see first hand , how well he is doing. I have another conversation with the male vets. I did not appreciate how they handled the situation and their bullying. I have proven my knowledge and skills again and say to them, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DON”T KNOW!!! If we are both carpenters with tool boxes to build a house, and you don’t know about my tools, and just say you can’t build a house. You even have a holistic vet in your practice, you should be more aware of my tools. How do you know my tool box will not work, if you do not know about my tools? The holistic vet reminds me he was concerned with my combination of tool, I point to the dog, and say look how good he is doing. They are happy but still, We agree to disagree! Sadly, No interest on how quickly the dog was healed with no drugs and no side effects of drugs. Wendsday, Panda was 100%.

My point with sharing my personal story is to help others be aware you have options. What’s exciting is Dr. Oz is also sharing the options of alternative options on national TV. There are several tools for your tool box and not to be bullied by dr’s with drugs. That there is a war between the words of Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine and your health is being compramised for money- !! Our Animals too! here is a place for both as Panda’story, for the most part food is medicine, Liquids included,as in the Kangen water. I leave you with a testimonial of an older labrador retriever, who was given the put down diagnosis. This happened to be an equine customer of mine, so she knew she had another option with me. All of what I did to help the dog was from a distance. She was in Maine and I in florida. The nutritional mapping reciepe will work if I see you personally or treat you from a distance. It’s a matter of trust and following the reciepe,as I have for years with my tools and was put in a life and death situation with my dog Panda.

I got Lisa's name from a friend in Connecticut. She said she is a holistic practitioner and may be able to help me with my dog's issues. (Puppy from a pet store)

A nervous and unhappy mess, (vets said to remove teeth, which I did, and no change) just an expensive bill.

I called, left message and she called right back. Lisa shared her tool of nutritional mapping and I was willing to try. It cost $75. She generously shared some of the pieces of this recipe.

I went straight to the homeopathic store, got the supplies and changed his food. (Some of the pieces of this recipe helped me as well) She recommended a couple of excellent books to confirm and explain her tools.

My puppy was over vaccinated, suffered from the results, and his energy was all over the place. He has improved 80% over the past three weeks. I have felt a huge amount of clarity in reading and using her tools.

I decided to do the nutritional mapping for myself, for my own health issues.
I am thankful and grateful for her skills and all from distance. It truly is distance healing with remarkable success.

Lisa was very clear. In order for success, I had to trust and follow the mappings recipe, or I would not see results. As a yoga teacher, I heard wisdom in her voice and bow to her skill as an amazing teacher, and healer.

I found an earth angel who made a huge difference in my own life and the life of my puppy.

Jane Minion

Thank you so much for your help with Sam's recent digestive issues. After many months of unsuccessful veterinary medical treatment, I decided to follow your dietary and homeopathic suggestions in February and now he seems to be back to normal.

Due to the fact that he has made such a complete turnaround, I would appreciate your checking him again in a few months to be sure we continue in a positive direction.

Sam will not express his feelings to you but I know he is as grateful as I am to be "solid" again!

Hi Lisa,
I am so happy to contribute to the ever growing list of testimonials to Lisa’s website. I truly believe that Lisa is one of the “earth angels” placed here on earth to teach as well as to help both animals and people through difficult situations.

I have experienced first-hand and witnessed on several occasions how she is able to help people and animals in the healing process. She is a rock and remains steadfast during crisis situations. With the multiple tools and knowledge that she has acquired, she is able to melt pain away and bring the clients and animals to a healthier and happier place.

With several horses, I have seen her melt their pain away in just one treatment. I have witnessed difficult moments with horses who were injured, traumatized, fearful, mistrusting, and apprehensive who seemed "to turn into putty” as she began working on them with her soothing hands.I watched them turning, softly stretching towards her, wanting her to return to them, when she stepped away to reach for oils or another healing tool (and only minutes before she was an absolute total stranger to them).

How quickly the healing begins is amazing. Her mapping and energy therapy is difficult for humans to understand and to trust sometimes.“Seeing is believing” for many folks and I have seen wonderful things resulting from that which I still do not totally understand. She has a lot of people talking positively about her now who are amazed at what she can accomplish when one follows “the recipes ”that she provides. I say…”it is about time” that she receives the positive recognition which she so deserves.

I do not own a horse myself, but I have and still do,work as a volunteer at horse farms. I would definitely want Lisa right beside me,“in my back pocket” if I were ever to own a horse. She is a great trainer,teacher, athlete,and competitor, as well as healer.

Lisa is currently, helping me to learn more about her tools and techniques.I now am able to practice some of those things on the horses at a local farm. The results are absolutely amazing!

I can feel it working very quickly.I feel the tension literally,melting away, releasing into my hands. One horse tried to block me from leaving the stall when I was done. She gently turned her head and actually pointed back to where she wanted me to continue with the massage and oils and looked into my eyes as though to say, “More please.” These are what I call the “wow moments” and I treasure them. I have seen very positive results in other horses that I have worked on as well.

At a mustang center, Lisa’s advice was followed and the owner and staff are overjoyed with the results. It was hard at first for them to accept the diet change that she recommended. They had some concerns but they did as she directed.They were thrilled to report that the horses are doing really great and looking/acting just wonderful with obvious health improvements.

Lisa also, is helping me with improving my own health and I feel that I am finally headed on the right track. My pain is subsiding and I am having less intervals etc. After treating the horses,I actually feel better myself, emotionally and physically. It actually brings me to a more peaceful and healthier state of mind.

Lisa taught me some great lessons years ago,how powerful an effect horses can have on us, both spiritually and physically,as she helped my daughter through health issues and an injury recovery. I have learned that even horses who cannot be ridden have so much to offer us if we just allow ourselves to see beyond the sport and our desires/expectations. They are healers of the spirit and can mend broken hearts.

Lisa’s methods and tools, as well as the horses gave my daughter the strength and spirit to believe in herself and helped her significantly through her healing process. At a time when all seemed to be crumbling around her, my daughter told me much later, that the best place during that time was when she was with Lisa and the horses. It was the only place that allowed her to feel normal and gave her true moments of happiness.

Lisa is an incredible woman and she does not stop or give up when things seem too difficult or impossible. She remains strong in her quest to help and heal the mind body and spirit. This is her passion. She continually learns and shares knowledge with those who seek it.

So lucky and blessed are those who do pick up the phone and begin their journey of healing with her. Thank you Lisa, for all that you have done and continue to do.

Kathleen Carpenter

I often heard nightmarish (no pun intended) stories about mares, and how many have unmanageable behavior problems related to their hormones. I never dreamed that I would end up owning a mare like that. All of my equine dressage partners had been docile geldings - until Brie came into my life. I was sure we would have no problems because her hormones were being managed with daily doses of Regumate. I purchased her, and put her in full board at a fabulous facility where my gelding lived. Brie's daily caretakers complained constantly of her barging over them while being led to and from her paddock, stall and grooming area. She would typically begin to pace back and forth along the paddock fence outside until she became so frantic she would, in their terms, flip out. She would have similar "melts owns" in her stall. They tried her in different stalls, different paddocks, tried different equine neighbors - nothing helped! She is amazingly talented under saddle and beautifully put together from a conformational perspective, but she had become labelled "the crazy mare", and some caretakers did not want to deal with her. She would go from calm, attentive and relaxed, to off the charts crazy in a split second for no apparent reason. Most days, she only got 15 or 20 minutes of turnout, despite having vast amounts of lush, green grass available for munching. After 2 years of craziness and worry for Brie, I sent her to Lisa Kent (early December 2013) for long line training and a holistic health evaluation and care. Lisa immediately recommended Brie be taken off the Regumate. I was skeptical, and concerned that Brie's behaviors may worsen without Regumate. That said, after having Lisa care for our geldings, Bill and RD for well over 10 years with great success, I completely put my trust in her to do what was right for Brie. We took away the Regumate. We pulled her shoes and Lisa trimmed her feet to get them into a correct balance. Lisa had her trusted equine dentist balance Brie's teeth/mouth. Lisa mapped Brie's nutritional, health and emotional needs and addressed those needs with homeopathic remedies, herbal supplements and essential oils. Lisa taught us and demonstrated to us, that Brie was not being naughty, but rather, is very sensitive to negative energy. She also used her significant knowledge and practice of equine body work and sports massage therapy to define the best body work methods for Brie's needs. Brie, as expected, came into season soon after the Regumate dosing ceased. She had a very quiet, polite heat - even though she was housed near two stallions! It is now March 15, 2014. Brie is still off of Regumate, has had another polite heat cycle, and I see no need for her to go back on it. Lisa taught my niece and I the bodywork routine that helps Brie so we can perform it ourselves. We follow Lisa's advised regimen of homeopathic remedies and herbs, as needed, and Brie continues to enjoy long lining as part of her training program. I am grateful for Lisa's holistic approach to equine health, including behavioral health, and continue to be truly amazed by the successful results I witness with my horses as I enter my second decade of working with Lisa!

Myra Flanagan

Thank you Lisa for all your help you gave us with Shadow, our 11 year old black lab, it has been amazing on his progress. Going from not walking to running around like a puppy.

When we original took him to the vets we were told that he may have a pinched nerve, which is what I was thinking it was and that was causing his awkward walking to happen, they gave us some meds for inflammation and muscle relaxation to see if that would help, within two days he was much worse and now wasn't walking at all and could no longer get up without help.

So on Monday I made a call back to the vet and was told to bring him for x rays and blood work. The blood work came back fine and nothing really on the xrays but they did find a small area that they thought he had a tumor that would be inoperateable if it was but we would have to have a MRI done which would run us anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 in just the imaging, so as much as I love my dog that wasn't going to happen. Since the tumor was inoperateable, we were going to have to put him down. So, I called you, in which I think with all the help you have giving me with my horses you should have been the first call I made instead of the vets, you told me that was a pinched nerve and with a natural remedy of several items I had in my arsonal from the horses I started that night and within two days he was sitting up by himself and within a week was getting and walking with no assistance from me.

Thank you very much for saving my Shadow and the rest of the herd with all of your natural remedies.

Susan Henderson
Stable of Dreams
Horse Boarding and Sitting Facility
East Waterboro ME

I have been working with Lisa Kent for over four years now, and I feel very lucky that our paths happened to cross. My horse is 27 years old and even vets and experienced horse people think he's 14. I'm still lessoning on him, learning new things, and occasionally showing (we could show more except for my schedule). I give Lisa full credit for how well he's doing. Lisa has spent her life learning as much as she can about improving the horse's physical, mental, and emotional condition. She has opened my eyes to a whole new way of working with horses. I've had this horse for 22 years, and for most of those years he's been considered lazy and a little difficult. Working with Lisa, he's become forward, energetic, and enjoys his work. I understand him better and our relationship both from on the saddle and on the ground is better and more rewarding than ever. How grateful I am. I would recommend to anyone, keep an open mind, listen to Lisa, and be patient. You'll be so glad you did.

Dear Lisa ,
It's been 4 years since I've meet you . When you came to help with skeeter my horse he was in terrible pain with his feet . many vets could not do anything , just kept taking my money ! Lisa balanced his feet and did a mapping on him , we changed hes feed . He has lived with out pain since . I was so close to putting him down. THANK GOD I MET LISA KENT . Not only did she help my horse she helped me and my husband many times with all her wonderful tools. She also save my dog life , I got her last year foe Xmas , she would not gain weight and had very bad diarrhea, she was skin and bones , once again Lisa came to our rescue, my dog gain 2 lb in two weeks since. Lisa has a very special gift and she is very knowledgeable in many areas . check out her web site . She is amazing.


Zeus, our happy-go-lucky 5-6 year old boxer, was diagnosed on 12/29/12 with a huge mass in his pelvic cavity. We had taken him to our vet because he couldn't have a BM and was very uncomfortable and not eating. A huge mass was detected by x-ray and our vet felt the mass was pushing the colon up blocking any effective bowel movement. Zeus was given an enema and "cleaned out." Our vet recommended we immediately get an opinion from an internal medicine vet as he felt the mass would have to be surgically removed, most likely along with half of his pelvis and left leg as the mass looked as though it had attached to the pelvic bone itself on the left side. He advised that the mass most likely was cancerous and even if surgery were successful, chemo and radiation may need to follow but we should see an internal specialist to confirm and make an informed decision as to what we wanted to do. He also felt that if we did nothing, we would be back in his office on January 2nd when it re-opened to get Zeus another enema since he couldn't have a BM.

We had consulted Lisa a couple of years ago for a tumor Zeus had on top of his head. The medication given by the vet didn't seem to be helping and since surgery was the next step, I asked Lisa for her help. We followed her recommendations and in 9 days the tumor was gone and left in its place was a shiny pink bald spot. The hair grew back in a couple of weeks and he had been healthy since, or so we thought. I called Lisa and explained the situation to her. She felt the lack of BMs and the tumor were 2 very unrelated problems and said she could help. We followed her advise beginning on Saturday night, Dec. 29th, and on Monday, December 31, Zeus had several bowel movements, 2 of which resulted in something being expelled which looked like the stuffing from a dog toy. He had torn up a new toy our daughter got him but I thought I had gotten all the parts before he could eat any of them. Apparently not. We also had the internal medicine consult that morning which confirmed that what was expelled was "foreign matter" and the existence of an extremely large prostatic tumor that had attached to the pelvic wall and was inoperable. They suggested we take him home, make him comfortable and wait for the end. We had already decided that we would not put him through surgery, chemo or radiation but just wanted a diagnosis as to the mass. We knew we were going to follow Lisa's protocol and see what happened.

Today is January 1, 2013. I know it has only been a few days but I just wanted to thank Lisa. Zeus is eating,, acting more like himself, getting a little stronger each day and having the BMs that the vet said he wouldn't be able to have and as of today, without blood which the specialist said he would continue to pass due to irritation from the tumor. Today he even ran out to the fence with the other dogs and has been playing with one of his toys a little bit. Two days ago it was all he could do to get up to go outside.

We have a long way to go with his recovery but I'm very hopeful that he will recover and while the time he has left with us is unknown, I feel confident that it will be lived in comfort and without the horrors of surgery, chemo, radiation or other drugs.

Lisa has an extensive knowledge of homeopathics, essential oils and kinesiology, and a few other therapies, all of which are helping Zeus now and have helped him the past. Lisa has also helped my horse with his breathing/allery (heaves) issues, and has helped me with my arthritis issues. I hgihly recommend Lisa to anyone seeking help for themselves or their animal companions.

Chris DeSutter
Loxahatchee, FL

Thank you so much for your help with Sam's recent digestive issues. After many months of unsuccessful veterinary medical treatment, I decided to follow your dietary and homeopathic suggestions in February and now he seems to be back to normal.

Due to the fact that he has made such a complete turnaround, I would appreciate your checking him again in a few months to be sure we continue in a positive direction.

Sam will not express his feelings to you but I know he is as grateful as I am to be "solid" again!


Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to thank you again for my lesson. It was awesome! You ve greatly helped my horse and me with some issues we ve been having and he s coming along very nicely! His jumping is back to quiet and relaxed and his overall form and ridability has improved. Your knowledge and methods are excellent! Thanks again and we ll see you next week!

Chopper and Julia

"Dear Lisa,
The words 'THANK YOU' will never be enough to express how grateful I am to you. You have taken my 1800 pound Percheron/Thoroughbred horse, Willie from a “pushy non responsive” horse to a wonderful “push button” dressage hopeful in just 8 short lessons. Your sensitive and clear teaching techniques are both helpful to the student and the horse being trained. I love the idea that he is so responsive and yet, he has never had a spur “touched to his body.” I am truly grateful for your enthusiasm, training, the passion that you feel for your job, and the POSITIVE attitude that you bring to bear on a weekly basis. Willie and I both look forward to our lessons and I hope they will continue for years to come."

Bonnie B. Brooks
Loxahatchee, Florida

"Hi Lisa,
I want to thank you for the fine job you did training my warmblood mare this summer. She was doing all of the Second level Dressage movements when I had to stop riding after an injury. After two months of work with you, I got on her again and I felt the difference immediately. She was very soft in the hand and much more "up" in her withers. Her transitions were better and all of her gaits were improved because she had developed more power behind. I had hoped we'd be able to stay in Florida to take lessons from you."

Best wishes,
Mary Ellen

"Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for saving Skeeters life, my boy is out of pain thanks to you. No One Was Able To Help Me, My Farrier Didn't See The Pain He Was In , Nor Did My Vet . Something As Easy To See As Constricted Hooves Should Have Been Easily Noticed By One Or The Both Of Them! They Never Truely Looked At My Boy. One Thing I've learned From You Is To Listen To Your Horse, And Most Of All Learning About Oils, Homeopathy And Nutrition. To Watch You Work On Skeeter With Your Massage Therapy And Your Round Pen Therapy Was Magic. You Are My Horses Earth Angel. Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart."

Loretta And Skeeter

Just wanted to say that my friend and I had a marvelous time trail riding this Saturday morning, and Tessa was such a sweet horse! Nicolene was awesome, and I hope to be back in the near future. Tessa even made my new facebook profile picture!

Thanks again,

"My 20-year-old horse began having seizures in December, 2008. By early April of 2009, he had had four seizures, each progressively worse. I had several (expensive) medical tests done to determine the cause of his seizures with no results. In fact, two equine vets agreed that he should be retired - no more riding.

I was given Lisa Kent's name as someone who had success with unusual problems using homeopathic treatments. I had no experience with homeopathics, but felt I had nothing to lose and maybe something to gain. Lisa performed a hands-on assessment and recommended specific dosages of several homeopathic supplements which I began giving per her instructions. He has been receiving the supplements Lisa recommended for over three months now, and not only has not had any more seizures, but is a "new" horse. I had not ridden him for more than three months, but began riding him after he was on the supplements for six weeks, initially only in the arena for short periods of time. He was calm, steady and did everything I asked. It appeared that the only one who had forgotten anything was me. After a few rides in the arena, I took him on a local trail ride with two of my regular riding buddies. They were both very nervous about my riding him, but he surprised all of us - he was the only horse that did not spook at anything! We have been on several trail rides since then with the same wonderful results.

I believe Lisa has saved my horse. I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone with horse issues contact her for an assessment. Problems don't have to be as severe or unusual as in my case. She truly wants what is best for the horse and works with owners to get it. If you follow Lisa's recommendations, you will have a better horse and never regret it!"

~ Karen

"I met Lisa Kent 5 years ago after purchasing a 15 year old Grand Prix Schoolmaster. Lisa's knowledge of equine biomechanics, impact of properly balanced feet on biomechanics, sports massage therapy, equine diet and homeopathic supplements is key to the successful maintenance of my horse. He turned 20 this year and continually becomes "physically" younger by the week thanks to Lisa's skills and knowledge. Lisa truly believes in working as a member of a team comprised of others including my trainer, farrier and veterinarian. Her open-minded team approach to equine care is unique. Lisa has willingly shared her knowledge with me and encouraged me to open my eyes and seek every opportunity possible for my continued education of everything equine related. I highly recommend that you incorporate Lisa's talent into your equine care program. I owe my equine partner's over-all health to the knowledgeable guidance and encouragement Lisa has provided."
~Myra Flanagan

"Staying with Lisa Kent provided many opportunities for me. I was able to watch, and learn from some of the best riders in the world. We attended Clinics and large dressage and jumper shows. I was able to watch riders such as McLain Ward, Betsy Steiner, Susan Jaccoma, and many more. Training with Lisa Kent is an amazing opportunity in itself. Lisa has brought me to the next level in my riding. You don’t have to be very experienced rider to work with Lisa; she trains people from beginners to advanced, and always encourages you try your best and reach your goals."
Thank you Lisa!
~ Amy

"When I arrived at Lisa's stable for lessons with my daughter I was unprepared for all that I would and could learn from her and the remarkable horses that she has trained. Having fibromyalgia, I was thinking about what I couldn't do and shouldn't do. Lisa is a true role model and she was able to refocus me towards my goals and what I could accomplish. I trusted her and I felt safe with her. Respect is not given it is earned and no one has my respect more than she does. She not only taught us, she inspired us to set goals and to go for our dreams. No one deserves a medal more than she does. Giving up her Olympic dream to nurse her champion horse Spiderman back to health when top specialists said "to put him down" shows the remarkable dedication that she has to her horses. I believe in her abilities and that one-day she will be an Olympic champion. She already is with those that know her and have had the honor to be instructed by her."
~ Kathleen Carpenter

"During my college track competitions I had an accident that ended my athletic career and any hopeful dreams for Olympic level competition. I was unable to participate in any sports while recuperating which I found to be both physically as well as psychologically devastating. My mother and I went to the stables to meet with Lisa to see if we could do therapy. I went with a negative attitude, thinking that in a full leg brace that it would be impossible to feel any better there than at home. I expected to be treated like a cripple. However, Lisa did not focus on my injury and limitations. Instead, she refocused my thoughts on what I could do and wanted to do rather than my limits. Quickly, I realized that it was the only place that I felt normal while sitting on the horse. I loved going there. We didn't just ride, we groomed and learned how to administer t- touch. It was an amazing experience. I will always be grateful to Lisa for teaching me that a failure or disappointment is not an obstacle to a goal or dream but rather a challenge that can be overcome. I am now a physical therapist and hope to someday apply my training skills to horses and other animals."
~ Kim Carpenter

"Dear Lisa, Thank you very much for the Christmas treats. I am enjoying them now. More importantly, I want to thank you for your support and caring of both Dozer and I the past year. I have learned so much and am enjoying owning Dozer, a childhood dream come true. Last year at this time I never would have believed I would own a horse and be so excited about it! Again, my deepest thanks for your thoughts, support, teachings, etc. I am so happy our lives paths crossed."
~ Sarah

"Dear Lisa, I want to thank you for your patience and detailed attention you gave to Royal Sirvivor while at Walkabout Farm. The recent ultrasounds on his tendon shows remarkable improvement and healing after only four months. The laser treatments along with his holistic medicines really did effect an increased healing. The dietary supplements kept him calm enough for the tendon to cool down to advance his limited training regiment. I know it will take more time to get him back to racing form, but your care and concern sure helped him along. I hope to see you and Sasha someday soon, in the winners circle with him. Again, thanks much and god bless."
~ Joseph

"My young chestnut horse was bred and lived in Michigan until he was five years old, when I brought him down to southern Florida. He had trouble adjusting to the heat and started having skin problems - hives, and then trouble sweating. I tried every suggestion, and got very tired of hearing "light chestnut horse in Florida, might never get used to it." Lisa suggested that I take him off daily wormer, and gave me some supplements to detox him. I've had no problems with hives since, and at a clinic a couple weeks ago someone commented "good sweater." After all those suggestions, her's was the one that worked."
~ Lucy

I have been working with Lisa for a couple years for some problems my horse has and she has never failed him. Recently I started riding lessons again after a couple years off. My trainer noticed he has some mild arthritis; understandable being a 20-year-old off-track thoroughbred. He was also very nervous and distracted at her facility since he has rarely been off my property that last couple years. I contacted Lisa and she recommended supplements for each issue.

She recommended "Pet Restore," a supplement for dogs and cats, but knowing Lisa as well as I do, I trusted her judgment and testing methods. My horse had been on it about 10 days by the time of my next lesson and my trainer noticed he was moving more comfortably and correctly.

Lisa also recommended a "cocktail" of homeopathic supplements to address the traveling and nervousness issue. I started giving it to him, but had not mentioned it to my trainer. I forgot to give it to him before a recent lesson and the trainer was concerned that he was still so distracted after being at her facility several times. I mentioned that I was giving him supplements before traveling but had forgotten to give it that day. Before my next lesson, I did give it to him and she commented how much more at ease he was and attentive. That's one mistake I won't make again.

Although Lisa's practices may seem a bit outside the norm, I have seen so many changes in my horse over the last couple years, I check with her before making any changes to his diet or supplements. Thank you, Lisa, for keeping my 20-year-old going. Most people think he looks and acts like a much younger horse!

Karen Goodman
Sanderson, FL


"I have been on the USANA Vitamins for 5 weeks and the absess on my upper leg (that has pained me for 8 years) has healed. Doctors wanted to do surgery! Thank you USANA!
~ Sasha Tefft

I have been on the USANA healthpack for 6 weeks. My stomach issues, wrist pain and skin problem disappeared! Thank you USANA! I'm sharing my success!
~ Dawn Apicella

I have been on USANA 4 weeks and the guaranteed 1-2 day headache with my period is no longer! Yeah USANA!
~ Lisa Kent

I have been on USANA for 2 months and my family was not. They got the flu, I did not! Now they are taking the USANA vitamins: kids, teenage and regular.
~ Ken

Click for full size version:
Comparitive Guide Comparative Guide to Nutrional Supplements Ranking of Vitamins

#1 Nutritional Supplement in study of over 500!

For more information, or to order, call Lisa at (561) 801-3450.


Dynamite® My cat broke out with a flea bite and went bald with sticky exudate. I used Wound Balm and ordered Purrrformance (tm). In two weeks it was gone and he was growing hair. ~ Teri Davis

It healed a 4 or 5 inch deep chest puncture on a horse that was hooked by a Longhorn in about seven weeks. ~ Jack Hamon

...All the wonderful healing products like Wound Balm have permanent space in our cupboard. ~ Dynamit Director, Rowan Emrys

After a lower leg injury, my foot was frozen straight and ached constantly. I used Release spray and wrapped it with Wound Balm at night and the aching went away instantly. ~ Ann Marie Torrez

I also rub the Wound Balm on the horse's face and ears to heal the bites and keep the bugs away. ~ Jay Busk

This miraculous nature's cure was discovered and used by the Southwestern Native American Tribes. It was also applied by the early Western settlers for harness and saddle sores, cuts and bruises, hoof dressing, harness and boot dressing, as well as axle grease. Some even used it as hair grease.

Large 6 oz. jar just 24.95 plus $1.50 shipping. For more information, or to order, call Lisa at (561) 801-3450.

Change your life add 02 and ph to your tap h2o. Amazing health testimonies. For our animals too!

Hey Lisa,
For the last year my mom has been so ill, not getting out of bed much for fear of falling because she was so weak, and plain just not feeling well. My sister took her to see a few doctors all had some things that could be wrong with her and gave medications which never made her feel better. One doctor diagnosed her with Dementia, and we all felt that was the reason for the forgetfulness that was happening.

Then a doctor stated she might have MDS blood disorder were the bone marrow did not make white, red blood cells that worked properly. So she was given a bone marrow test which came back positive and she was started on injections every 2 weeks and this was suppose to make her well again, after 2 months we asked the doctor why is she not doing better her blood count was great but she was still tired and spent most of her time in bed. The doctors reply was she is were she should be because he is reading the blood work count. But my mom is not were she use to be to me! A week after that she had a mild heart attack and in the hospital they said her arteries were 85% blocked they quick placed stints into her arteries. She came home and did a bit better but still spent alot of time in bed, stating most of the time she was still tired. About 2 weeks after the heart attack we started on the oxygenated water i would make tea with stevia to sweeten it and some times i would give her some Pedialyte in it. And today she is a different woman she is alert and up from 8:00am to about 10:00pm at night 3 months ago this was unheard of, she was only out of bed for about 1 to 2 hours. And the only thing i can say that i have done differently is the water, food is the same medications are the same.


Hi Lisa,
Update on my mom, we went back to the blood doctor on 10/20/09 and they took her blood as they always do. When the doctor walked in to the room, he stated well what ever you are doing is great, you do not even need a shot today. He stated that her red blood count was at the normal level of 5. And would have her come back in 3 weeks! Just 3 weeks before this visit her red blood cell count was only 3.55. When we were first told about this condition it was said that it was chronic and she may be able to go 4 weeks between shots, but here it has been 6 weeks and she did not need a shot. I'm truly convinced that the water is the key here. About 2 weeks ago we ran out of water, for about 4 days and i noticed a difference in my moms energy level, she was not as willing to sit and read the daily paper, or watch her favorite TV show House. But we are back on the water and her red blood cell count is up and she is back to her energized self.


My name is Janet Hanscom. I live in West Palm Beach Florida. My husband and I have been living in my brother-in-law's house that we inherited from him when he passed away. It has well water with a significant amount of rust in the water. My hair use to be very brittle and would split constantly. My skin would be dry a lot and I use to buy cases of bottled water to drink and cook with because of the rust in the water system. On September 9th, 2009, my husband bought me the Kangen water system for my kitchen and my bathroom shower. Since I have been drinking the water, I have more energy, I sleep better at night, the tingling I use to have in my hands and feet is gone, the lump I had on my hand has disappeared, and the paid I use to have in my back from a bulged disc and a degenerative disc has gone away. I use to take extra strenghth excedrin every day just to make it through the day since I sit behind a desk all day long. I have not taken any aspirin of any sorts since a week after starting the Kangen water. I started out at the 8.5 for a week, went to the 9.0 for a week and have been on the 9.5 for about 3 weeks now since we got our system on 9-16-09. I use the 2.5 for brushing and rinsing when I clean my teeth. I do not feel any film on my teeth all day long or when I wake up in the morning. My eye sight seems to be getting better also. I use glasses to read and computer work, but it seems like I can sit further back now to see. My reading on the dash of my car seems clearer also. My arthritis doesn't seem to bother me when I wake up in the morning with stiff fingers. I can now make a fist again. If you are skeptical about getting Kangen water, just think of what you health is worth and how much you can save in medicine alone. If you are curing what ales you, you won't need the medicines and you'll feel a lot better mentally, physically and financially. It's made a difference in me in just a few short weeks.

Hi Lisa,
My grand daughter was born with asthma and a bronchial pulminary disease and from drinking the Kangen water they are gone. Thank God. Also my husband had high blooh pressure and in less that two months it was normalized and he is no longer taking any medications. My son had ecxema very bad and it was gone in less than two weeks after drinking 2-3 liters of the Kangen water also. I over nighted one gallon of the water to a man in NY state that was in the hospital for 4 months one IV drip and had no appetite, they sent him home from the hospital and the nexted day got his gallon and drank the whole thing all day long. Woke up the next morning and ate a fuul course meal and had strenght and feeling better each day. Getting a machine of his own. Also put a diabetic on the water and in 4 days her sugar levels went way down. Has to go and get medication reduced or taken off of it completely now. My friend bought a machine and hooked it up that evening. Drank 8 ounces of the water before going to bed and called me at 6:30 am next day to say that it was the first time in years that she went to sleep without acid reflux, and woke up without it to. She was so excited. She also soaked her knee with the 2.5 strong acidic water for pain and it was gone and the swelling was down 3/4 of the way. I put a lady on the water that had mercury in her mouth and was alway's very dizzy and not feeling well at all. She felt much better after 32 ounces of the water,Bought a machine and is feeling super. She is doing things that she was not able to do for two years and has alot of energy now. Goes like the energizer bunny.Everone should own one of these machines. The amount of pesticides on our foods today is unreal. We can spray the 2.5 strong acidic water on them to kill any germs and bacteria plus any meat and then soak it in the 11.5 alkaline water and pull out the toxins. We are so blessed. Hurry and order yours everyone. This could save your life and those that you love and know. I would not be without one.

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