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If You Can Dream It, You Can Become It, this could be my Life's motto. I have followed my dreams and been on our US Olympic team 5 times! This book of Lisa's is a great workbook full of simple, yet very powerful ideas. Nearly all of these concepts including feeling, visualization, nutrition, body awareness I teach and use myself. I have been riding and teaching for a lifetime. My success has come through being the best partner, I can be, to my horses. I have had excellent teachers ( humans & horses), been working out at the gym since the 1980ties, and studied sport psychology. To think like a horse and put myself in their shoes, has always be my outlook on training horses. For me, the greatest riders, in any discipline, make it look as if the horse is performing by himself. This " becoming one with the horse" is the magic of horsemanship! It is the greatest feeling in the world.

Lisa's book gives you tools to consciously improve your riding, feeling, awareness, and relationships with your horses. Enjoy your journey!
Anne Kursinski

Lisa's Energy / Health Products

Energy Warrior - 4oz $50 / 2oz $20
Energy Shield - 4oz $60
Energy / Emotion Warrior Spray - 4oz $50 / 2oz $20

Nutritional Mapping for People, Pets & Horses

I use the energy warrior spray daily in our hosehold. It is amazing how it can clear up "bad moods" throughout the day or keep our rooms clear at night allowing for a more restful, healthy sleep. I've had great success with using the spray with our dog and guinea pigs to release energy as well. Thank you Lisa for saving the day yet again!!!

The energy warrior spray is a favorite tool for our family! My husband and I, as well as children and peys have benefitted greatly using the spray. Whenever there is stress, negativity or anyone in the family is off or acting out of character, a couple of sprays always helps positively shift the situation! I love how a couple sprays in a room entirely uplifts the energy! An invaluable tool that we love and use daily. I always keep it close by :) - Thank you Lisa for sharing this life enhancing tool with our family!

Thankfully, Lisa introduced energy warrior spray to my niece and me to use on ourselves and on out extremely sensitive horses. This tool has become a favorite in our home, and the horses, dogs and people in my family have benefitted greatly from using it! Whenever I feel stressed or negative, or when anyone in the family is feeling "out of sorts", the spray has a positive impact. When one of our mares is struggling with over-sensitivity, a little spray will settle her down into a relaxed state! ~ MF from CT

Love the cellular jet fuel! My horse and I both have it daily, it gives us both extra strength and power in our daily work, making a huge difference! I also have 2 training horses on it, and I love the difference in their top line development! It's a great product!

I have been using Lisa's energy tea as indicated on my nutriotional mapping for a couple of weeks now. I have been loving it! I have experience, for the first time in my life, a consistent and even keeled emotional state as a result. I have a great increase in the joy I am experiencing in life! Worderful stuff, thank you Lisa!

Thank you Lisa for all your help you gave us with Shadow, our 11 year old black lab, it is amazing on his progress. Going from not walking, to running around like a puppy.

I contacted Lisa to do a mapping for my mother who I had been worried about. For months the dr had been diagnosing my mother over the phone with UTI's for similar symptoms however after the third time of it recurring the dr made an appointment to see my mother and learned the blood in her urine and other symptoms where not cause by a UTI. After going thru the run around with tests trying to figure out what was causing this I contacted Lisa for a nutritional mapping and within days her symptoms had decreased and too this day she has not had issues. I can't thank Lisa enough for all her great work!

Our 12lb dog got into a bag of brownies. Hours later she began profusely vomiting. We could not get her to stop. We were very scared and needed to do something fast. Lisa answered my text at 3:00 AM. She instructed me to administer her amazing Energy Warrior and some homeopathics. The dog instantly stopped vomiting and slept for five hours. If it weren't for Lisa, our dog wouldn't be here today!

My six-year-old daughter developed a high fever around 6 PM. I contacted Lisa. She recommended using various essential oils and oscillium. I stayed up with her most of the night. By 2 AM her fever started going down. By the morning it was gone! This is just one of countless examples where Lisa has helped our family! We are so grateful for her guidance!!

My daughter has been falling asleep quickly and sleeping through the night again since we started using Lisa's Energy Warrior. Thank you for continuing to improve the quality of life for our entire family, Lisa!!!

Thank you so much for your help with Sam's recent digestive issues. After many months of unsuccessful veterinary medical treatment, I decided to follow your dietary and homeopathic suggestions in February and now he seems to be back to normal.

Due to the fact that he has made such a complete turnaround, I would appreciate your checking him again in a few months to be sure we continue in a positive direction.

Sam will not express his feelings to you but I know he is as grateful as I am to be "solid" again!

"The supplementation and dietary changes Lisa suggested for my son have helped him with improved focus, eye contact and anxiety."

"Lisa is also working with my children with the horses. She breaks down each task and makes learning meaningful. They have learned so much and absolutely cannot wait for their next lesson! These sessions have helped with anxiety and focus in my children."

"Lisa's advise on diet, supplementation & lifestyle have improved my and my children's symptoms and overall health. Before Lisa erased my daughter's inherited emotions, she was extremely clingy and emotionally reactive. Since the treatment, she has blossomed...becoming much more even in temperament and more independent."

"Lisa's interventions have helped me clear up excema, reduce anxiety & improve mobility & clarity of thought. I had previously tried many supplements & complicated systems with few consistently positive results. However, Lisa's suggestion to use an affordable probiotic and eating healing foods has made all the difference! We are truly blessed to have her in our lives!"

I want to thank Lisa Kent for bringing my Strudel back to living a happy life. When all was lost. And seeing two vets and an animal behaviorist who said they had never seen anything like the behavior he was exhibiting and didn't know what to do. Lisa did. She mapped him and created a recipe to get him back on the road of healing. Today I have a puppy that is happy loving. Lisa literally held my hand through this process. We have gone through many changes and Lisa is always there to light the dark tunnel.

Again, Lisa has saved the day! Our guinea pig, Flashy, hadn't been eating well and was constantly drinking. The vet wanted to do bloodwork and suggested potential scary diagnosis. Lisa suggested changing her food and helped us pick the perfect match. Today, Flashy seems in perfect health. She is eating well again, balanced in her water consumption and her coat is shiny and soft like it hasn't been in months! You are amazing, Lisa!

As for Flopsie, Lisa suggested taking her off commercial dog food and treats and feed her a whole food diet. She is no longer constipated and eats all meals!

Thank you Lisa :) so grateful for your help. My periods are so much less painful since following recipe from nutritional mapping! I have struggled with it my whole life. Grateful to not be stuck in bed with pain and free to carry on my normal activities! Seriously life changing :) big, big hug to you!

Also forgot to tell ya, last night sugar bear (our 15 year old dog) was breathing heavy. I put energy shield oil on her, she stopped breathing heavy and came in bed and was relaxed and snuggled. It has been years since she is relaxed in bed with us. She usually jumps down immediately! :) very good stuff!!

To order the office # is 931-557-5005, Its a 15ml bottle for 60. FOR u reccamend two drops under u tongue before bed and two drops in ur green tea 1x a day. Hubby too. FOR horses 2 drops on a carrot as groom before ride and dogs 1 drop/wipe on ears :)

Its a healing oil I created to create energy protection. I had mapped her three months and had improvement but not gone. I was frustrated on all the symptoms energy was creating. So Energy shield was created with my holistic Dr.huby(is a scientist.) And now we treat energy with this amazing oil.:) so excited

Working with Lisa has been an educational experience on using food as medicine. My energy levels have dramatically improved and the most important result has been NO more headaches !! In addition to improving my eating, I have been using Energy Shield oil and Stress Less . I can't say enough about the way this oil and Stress Less has helped me and my children. I use it every morning and evening and what I've noticed when I don't use it, my energy is very scattered and unbalanced.
I had an amazing experience with my son and the oil. He is usually very tired and moody when I pick him up from school, so I thought of putting the oil on him and seeing if I saw a difference. To my amazement he didn't complain or get upset and within fifteen minutes of putting the oil on him, he was happy and smiling. I tried it the next day without the oil and it took him an hour to settle down. Both of my children have tremendously benefited from Energy Shield oil. My ten year old daughter's mood has also improved with the oil and Stress Less. The way she described the Stress Less was, " I can feel my stress releasing and my body relaxing." Lisa has taught me to look to food and simple yet powerful remedies for healing. I'm so grateful to Lisa for all she has helped me with. She is a true healer and teacher.

Love the spray! Was falling asleep last night and was "seeing things" even with my eyes closed. Used the spray and it went away and fell fast asleep! Super good stuff Lisa, energy warrier spray:)

Thanks for the recommendations for face stuff! Been feeling wrinklely lately ;) Also Thank you for being such a positive force in my life and those that I love! Your impact has been life changing and I am grateful!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can't not say it enough. I was slammed last Sunday with the Flu and some pretty bad energies. One call into Lisa (Kent) and I was quickly on my way to feeling better. Lisa erased some energies and guided me with oils and homeopathics. I took epsom salt baths with particular oils LK identified, she recommended healthy food choices and checked on me several times a day. She did all this from Florida and quickly got me feeling better. I have seen Lisa work her magic with horses and other humans - but feeling the effects directly is beyond words. Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts. Lisa E. (CT)

This is Admiral a 43yrs young morgan gelding. I have been his caretaker for 20 yrs. In 2013 we moved a few horses to Breezy Meadows. I stay in FL, Jan and Feb. Upon my return in March, Admiral lost 175 lbs. Wilfred heckeled me that the horse was old and was the reason. I strongly disagreed, paid a student to do extra feeding and moved him to another farm. This photo is March 2014 (after our harshest winter ever), its worth a thousand words. I have a holistic nutritional mapping tool that works!! If peaple follow instructions and feed proper foods and amounts old, young, you get amazing results. Lisa "holistic practioner".

Healing Oil -

My entire family is energy sensitive ,including my horse and dog. From my daughter throwing up, myself feeling tired and lousy, my son having energy issues at school, my dog acting strange and gulping at the air, to my horse acting wild or just not himself. When any if these symptoms arise, Lisa is there to help. I swear by her mapping skills and power of the stress less tincture and energy shield oil tools! Within minutes symptoms are gone and everyone is back to normal! I have used these tools countless times for healing and always have them on hand. My family, both 2 legged and 4 are forever grateful for Lisa's help and education in all the work she does!

Notes from Nick, google Vanderbelt hospital, they use doterra oils,also there is a phone app mdopro. Peaple can pay 35 dollars as a life time fee, and still get advantage of whole sale cost. Or commit to 100$ a month and do as an income. Combination of frankinsense,sandlewood, white fur will heal all cancers( says Julie holistic doctor), Breath and purify difused will help asthma, Frankinsense is her favorite help all oil, intune helps with Add and if ur tired driving will help u perk up. Clove is highest antioxidant , great for bottom of feet and mental clarity. Wintergreen is a natural cortizone and is also à teeth whitener. They sell empty capsules. Digestzen is a stomache miracle oil, comes in capsules too. Slim and sassy is spectacular to help whole body metabulism, zendocrine Used as a équine and human detox. Whisper is fabulous mood boost on or difused. When in doubt use balance oil and aromatouch. Takes pain away in 30 seconds(3 applications Best), aroma touch kit perfect couples kit.(prévention as well as mood uplift), can google 101 days to use lavendar,peppermint,lemon. They have those three oils as an intro kit(buy 6 kits for 115, make great gifts for 6 family members or close friends), lime is a great immune boots(say Dr oz too),pasttense roller is great for compeuter tension head aches. On guard oil difused, and beads help sore throats and prevent colds also energy protection.deep blue cream is like icy hot but therapeutic. The holistic doctors daughter loves the shampoo and haïr sérum. The Alpha ces+ feeds the brain at the mitochondia level.:) Mito2max will help give u an xtra spring to ur step/energy with healthy food and water choices,DDR prime will regrow hair when the thyroid caused. Nick is 32 yrs young and has a wife and a 2 yr los,has been with the company for 11/2 yrs and is making 150 thousand a yr doing it as a business.:) Dr Julie just been in for 6 months making 1,500 a month just on 3 hrs time a week(she holds a free Class 1x a week teaching one oil at a time:). Join the healing generation:) call Nick 8018288981 or me:) check out :)

The tools Lisa has shared with me are life changing! The combination of essential oils for health and protection have made a huge improvement in my overall health. I swear by the salt baths! I find great relief energetically and hormonally from them. Also my individualized recipe for health from the nutritional mapping has given me back my vitality! I feel like me again after years of struggling to help myself with my hormonal imbalance. Grateful to have Lisa's guidance in my life!

One afternoon I felt almost like I was getting sick, muscle pain, dizziness, sharp pain behind eyes and my vision kept blurring. Checked in with Lisa she said it was energy that she could erase. I felt it being erased, like I was stepping out of a cloud into my body's usual clarity. I said to my daughter, Lisa must have just erased the energy. As soon as I said it, I received a text from Lisa that she had just cleared the energy! What an amazing gift!!!

My greyhound Mike started acting "off." He would bark and sometimes growl at what seemed to be nothing. He seemed to lose energy, not running as much, and then he started losing his appetite. When I couldn't get him to eat, I got really worried and called Lisa. She said energies had been bothering him and caused him to have a kidney infection. She gave me a simple solution of homeopathics and Energy Shield oil. The healing was almost instant. He started eating and running and being his usual self. Thank you Lisa for once again identifying and resolving a health issue with simple, healthy tools, avoiding vet bills and harsh drugs.

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Lazers return for rehab.
Read his "#1 In the Country" story on our recognition page.

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Kent's Stables

Striving to Achieve that Successful Ride

Lisa Kent, a former Miss Maine, is focusing here energy on rising to the upper levels of equestrian competition.
by Kevin Thomas - Times Record, July 27th, 1997

Gorham - Lisa Kent stood straight and looked into his eyes. Spiderman returned the stare, adding a snuggle and kiss.

"Spiderman loves to give kisses," said Kent, still cuddling with her horse, a 10-year-old thoroughbred that Kent has been riding up the equestrian ladder toward the brink of international and Olympic events.

Lisa Kent is a familiar name to some, but from a different competitive arena. Nine years ago, she was accepting congratulatory kisses after winning the Miss Maine title that sent her to the 1988 Miss America Pageant.

All the glitter seems so long ago. Kent has cleaned out her share of horse stalls since. But now she is eyeing a new kind of sparkle - the shine from an Olympic or World Championship medal.

Kent, 30, is currently the nation's sixth-ranked woman rider in the combined competition, a three-day event featuring dressage, speed and endurance, and stadium jumping. Among all riders in the U.S., Kent is ranked 12th.

"Six months ago, I was ranked 49th," Kent said, sitting at a picnic table on the grounds of Kent's Stables, which occupies 32 acres of Gorham countryside off Route 114, close to Standish.

It's quite a rise, from 29th to 12th.

"Yeah," Kent admits with a grin. "It's exciting."

Kent won her first "advanced" level competition last March and is fast becoming a force in the combined. She will ride Spiderman again in the Fair Hill (Md.) International three-day event Oct. 24-26. Success there could lead to a spot on the U.S. team in the 1998 World Championships in Ireland. From there, Kent's sights focus on Sydney, Australia, site of the 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

"You have to keep on striving for what you believe in," said Kent, who has unquestioned faith in the power of positive thinking. She continually utters positive quotes, and inspirational blurbs are posted throughout the stables.

One reads: "The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital."

Returning to horsy roots

When her parents built a stable on their Gorham property, Kent began giving lessons while still a student at Gorham High.

At school, she was also busy. She had tried gymnastics in junior high but took up running and basketball in high school. She finished fifth in the state cross country meet and eventually received a financial-aid package to play basketball at Pine Manor College in Boston in 1985.

The big-city folks did not understand Kent's fascination with horses.

"When you're not around horsy people, you tend to get a lot of feedback like 'that's not a career' and 'you should really do something else.' I was listening to that," Kent said of her Boston experience.

"So I started going through the motions (at Pine Manor), but my heart wasn't in it. And I knew I really missed this and wanted to pursue it."

After one semester, Kent returned to Gorham, to rejoin the horsy crowd. She now operates the stables, with help from her boyfriend and farrier (blacksmith), Brent Brown.

Since returning from Boston, her only sidetrack was the beauty pageant.

"I thought it would be fun - it's always fun to dress up as Cinderella," Kent said. For the talent competition, Kent did a gymanastics routine.

"Well, I couldn't ride my horse on stage," she said.

She retired from pageants after the Miss America contest and soon was competing as an equestrian. Always aiming high, Kent had hopes of competing in the 1996 Olympics. But her horse, Hunter, became injured with a stressed hind joint.

"There's going to be ups and downs," she said.

Choosing path to success

Kent won an intermediate-level competition in Vermont last August - her first victory. Leading by a fraction of a point before the final show-jumping competition, Kent began playing her mind games.

"I tried to visualize that I'd been eliminated when I entered the arena," Kent said. "And I needed to show everyone that I could still ride really well."

Kent and her horse, Midnight, jumped a faultless round to win.

The visualization - which also helped her ignore a sprained ankle - is just part of Kent's focus.

"I've read a lot of books on psychology or riding," Kent said. "To me, it's black and white. A person chooses their positive path or they can let their life be cluttered with negative excuses.

"I choose the positive. I feel that's what has enabled me to come along so quickly."

Kent also has good teachers. Karen O'Connor, an Olympian and five-time Lady Rider of the Year, is Kent's chief instructor. Kent has trained with O'Connor (and her Olympian husband, David) in Virginia and Florida.

Kent also receives instruction in dressage from Massachusetts-based Kathy Connelly. Dressage showcases the horse's balance, obedience and harmony with the rider through a series of movements.

Also key to Kent's success is Spiderman. Like Hunter and Midnight, Spiderman has been trained only by Kent. Spiderman was supposed to be the backup to Hunter, but he has surpassed expectations.

"I'm very fortunate. He has the natural abilities," Kent said. "Now it is a matter of his progression in training."

Competing in the highest class - advanced - Kent and Spiderman finished first in the 1997 Mid-Atlantic Horse Trial Series, a trio of events in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. Kent and Spiderman won the Virginia competition and placed high enough in the others to win the series.

That success boosted Kent into the rankings and put her on a list of riders eligible for next year's World Championships."260" Kent may have risen even high in the rankings, but in the spring's biggest competition last April in Kentucky, Spiderman developed a sore foot and Kent had to withdraw. Another setback to overcome.

"It's one of those things that makes you tougher, makes you keep working," Kent said, always churning out the upbeat thoughts. "You've got to realize that it's not going to be a perfect road."

Still, it is a road that Kent doggedly travels, along with her understudy-turned-star-horse - the graceful, powerful and kiss-crazy Spiderman.

Featured Testimonials

"Having a happy, healthy equine partner and athlete is of utmost importance to me as a rider, trainer and horse owner. My horse Rising Star is 16 years young and has been my partner for 13 years. Because of my work with Lisa over the past year, Rising Star is getting younger, stronger and more supple. After injecting his hocks for an unsound solution, Lisa encouraged me to use her therapy, homeopathy and follow her mapping, plus guided to a better foot balance, and she was so right! When he has any little setback, as all athletes do, Lisa is there to help us through it and get us back on track and good as new. Being a professional athlete, on a tight budget is not always condusive to acheiving high performancve goals in the dressage arena, Lisa's nutritional mapping is extremely accurate and has not only reduced my vet bills but has cut my supplement bills in half! Having Lisa in my corner, I feel confident that Rising Star and I will acheive our goals and succeed in all we set forth to conquer along our journey together as partners learning to dance the dance."

Jan Lamontagne/ USDF Bronze Medalist

"I met Lisa Kent 5 years ago after purchasing a 15 year old Grand Prix Schoolmaster. Lisa's knowledge of equine biomechanics, impact of properly balanced feet on biomechanics, sports massage therapy, equine diet and homeopathic supplements is key to the successful maintenance of my horse. He turned 20 this year and continually becomes "physically" younger by the week thanks to Lisa's skills and knowledge. Lisa truly believes in working as a member of a team comprised of others including my trainer, farrier and veterinarian. Her open-minded team approach to equine care is unique. Lisa has willingly shared her knowledge with me and encouraged me to open my eyes and seek every opportunity possible for my continued education of everything equine related. I highly recommend that you incorporate Lisa's talent into your equine care program. I owe my equine partner's over-all health to the knowledgeable guidance and encouragement Lisa has provided."
~Myra Flanagan

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